13 Optical Illusions That Almost Gave People a Heart Attack (13 Photos)

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13 Optical Illusions That Almost Gave People a Heart Attack (13 Photos)
Pranking others can be fun. Watching them scream and run around with those facial expressions or just when they froze to death is pretty amusing. Admit it, we’ve all, at least tried, to scare our friends, parents, siblings, cousins. But when it comes to ourselves it’s really not that funny, especially if you are home alone, or if you’ve just seen a horror movie with your best friend. When you see a shadow or hear a creepy sound the first thing that comes through your mind isn’t really that it’s not real or that it’s a prank. Walking home alone in the dark, or when the electricity goes down in the night, not the best feelings, right. Here are some experiences that other people had with scary moments. We’ve prepared 13 optical illusions that almost gave some heart attacks.

#13 I called the police, thought someone broke into my cousin’s house. It was hanging laundry.

#12 My heart stopped right there.

#11 Every time I see this it ages me a few years.

#10 I almost collapsed this morning on the beach.

#9 My best friend almost peed herself at my place last night.

#8 That’s a burglar-proofing cardboard cutout my sister made. I still can’t get used to it.

#7 Passed by my neighbor’s house, I don’t think I’ll ever go down that path again.

#6 I almost passed out. It’s one of the boutique’s broken mannequins.

#5 I literally almost got heart attack early in the morning.

#4 My girlfriend left her hair clip like this… I nearly died.

#3 I don’t think I’ll ever leave my bed a mess. Walked in to grab my charger, almost s*it myself.

#2 Went to get my younger sister from her friend’s house, this is the first thing I saw when I walked through the yard…my soul almost left my body.

#1 Almost got a heart attack on my way home from work.

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